Staff Vacation Planner – US Date Format

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Staff Vacation Planner – US Date Format

Staff Vacation Planner - US Date Format

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Plan the presence and absence of your staff easily with this vacation planner software.

The software manages vacation time and other staff time usage, such as sick leave. It also provides statistics and a yearly overview on the staff’s vacation plans.

This version of our vacation planner software displays dates in US format.

This Excel Template is designed to help assess coverage of team members’ availability during a month. As a Team leader or a Manager of a team, it is important to know the staff coverage available every day, especially during the holiday season. This Excel template can be used every month to ensure that you are aware of exact coverage and plan accordingly. It can handle up to 20 employees.

Every company needs to give their employees vacation time as they’re required by the law and to make sure that their employees extra time of rest for providing the company with work. However, you don’t want your employees to all take a vacation at the same time as that can seriously affect company productivity and performance. You may also like vacation templates.

If you’re looking to reduce time spent on absence management, you may also consider our staff holiday booking system.

Our managed system enables employees to book absences and view planned holidays on a self-serve basis. Greatly reducing queries, manager input and holiday clashes within the team.

Absences are still approved by a manager via the holiday request system.
Start a 30 day free trial to give it a try today.

Back to the Excel template, here’s what you need to know…

Enter your employee names into the name cells on the first sheet, the names on the other sheets will pull through from the first sheet.

Monthly totals are displayed at the end of each row for each employee. Yearly totals are displayed in a separate tab called Totals.

The template differs slightly based on the ‘Track absences in’ option selected in the customisations.

Each employee is listed on the left. Holidays are shown in Orange and Weekends are also highlighted in gray. Employee’s vacations are shown in Green fill.

The calendar displays for 31 days and 20 employees at a time.

If tracking absences in days, the last tab of the template contains the totals of all absences for each employee as well as a breakdown by absence type.

The ‘Absence count’ field shows the sum of all absences while counting half days as 0.5 appropriately. It’s a sum of the ‘Absences this month’ column across all months.

Our template is designed to be useful for the majority of teams with the default options but there are a number of customisation options.

Any start date can be chosen for your leave tracker. The default template will contain a full year from the start date specified.

For example, if your annual leave year matches the financial year from April to March, select April as the starting month.

Any number of employees can be specified. Whether you have 10, 20 or 100 employees this template is for you.

The employee names are pulled through from the first month (first tab) so you only need to set them once.

Non-working days are displayed as a light gray cell in the template. This is for display purposes only, they are given no special treatment when absence totals are calculated.

You can define the year in which the leave planner template will start. Since the template is generated dynamically any year is supported. The leave planner template is ready for the year 2021, 2022 and beyond.

How many months do you want your absence tracker to cater for?

By default the template contains 12 months (1 year), you can generate a multi year calendar template by entering 24 months (2 years) or more.

This option changes the template quite a lot.

When tracking absences in hours you simply enter a number into a cell to signify the hours of absence taken. The totals are a sum of the hours.

Tracking absences in days allowances you to specify the type of absence by entering a letter into the cell instead of a number. This option also allows you to track half day absences.

The template, available for free in Excel format, contains a worksheet for each month of the year. Simply fill in your employees names and your time off types (vacation, personal leave, sick days, and any custom types), then begin to track their time off usage.

More and more businesses are moving towards automated employee time off management. With time off software, employee requests can be approved or denied with one click, and their accruals are automatically calculated – no paperwork or spreadsheets required.

For 2022 I present here a free vacation planner for smaller companies and employees.

With the last vacation planner, I have gradually published different versions. At the end, planners even for middle east were then on offer. In this article I will approach it a bit more structured and consider all forms from the beginning.

The Leave Tracker Excel template enables leave/vacation tracking in an organized way, calculates employee attendance, presents a calendar view of leave across multiple employees and also prints an annual employee report.

Whether you are a HR Manager, a Small Business Owner or a Project Manager who is responsible for tracking leave/vacation/time-off taken by employees, you will find this simple and effective leave/vacation tracker template useful.

Employees should remember that any time-off you get from work that’s paid is one of their most significant employment benefits which they should never take for granted. Never rely on your paycheck or other similar documents for time-off information. Neither should you calculate this by hand. The best recommendation on this matter is to store the details of your paid vacation using a vacation tracker.

You can create one from scratch using either Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel or download an employee vacation tracker template. It might feel intimidating at first, but it isn’t really that hard or complicated. You can even download a vacation and sick time tracking spreadsheet where you can itemize all of your vacation information.

You may think that this way of tracking your vacation days seems redundant as the information is already contained in your pay statement or paycheck slip. But are you confident that the data contained there is completely accurate? Keep in mind that your pay slip is usually printed out by an external service provider.

This means the information in your pay stub may not be consistently updated. Moreover, mistakes can happen. Here are the most common reasons why you should have a vacation tracker:

  • Although your secure HR portal for employees may have a complete list of your accumulated and used vacation days, it doesn’t have the capability to take notes on how you intend to use your time off which you need when planning ahead. You can use the leave tracker to optimize the way you request for your days off.
  • When talking about accuracy regarding your employment benefits, don’t limit that to your paycheck’s deductions and salary. Include here the accuracy of your accrued paid vacation numbers to make sure they’re 100% accurate through the tracker. Should you find any discrepancy, report this immediately.
  • If you want to make sure that you get paid for every hour of vacation you’ve earned, then that gives you more reason why you should keep track of your vacation days. Make it a habit to track down not just the number of vacation days you’ve accumulated but also when and how you used them.
  • Compare the information on your employee vacation tracker against the information on your payslip. Make it a point to review your paystub at each pay period and report any mistakes or inaccuracies to your payroll department so that they can make the required corrections can be promptly made.
  • When you enter employment in a company, vacation days are an important part of the overall benefits package. Employees don’t just get paid in terms of money but also receive compensation in the form of benefits including vacation days. Just do some computations to find out how much each of your vacation days cost you financially.

You may presently be in the process of tracking your monetary earnings or your vacation days in a less-than-adequate method. As such, you might miss out on some important details regarding your overall benefits. To be more precise and accurate about these matters, start keeping track of your benefits, salaries, and vacation days.

This is the best way that you can take advantage of these work-life benefits. Don’t just depend on the reminders of the HR department to take your vacation days the whole year round. That isn’t their job. Without a vacation tracker, you might run out of time to use all of your vacation days.


The following are the highlights of the template.

  • Customize settings to meet your business needs
    • Track 5 types of employee leave (For up to 12 leave types, try Employee Leave Manager template)
    • Customize which days are weekends (not working days)
    • Account company holidays
  • Practical Features
    • Track vacation for multiple employees
    • Employees can have start dates and termination dates
    • Can handle partial days of leave
  • Ease of Use
    • Easy to enter Leave in ranges of dates (example: 4 days of leave from Nov 21st to Nov 24th)
    • Easy to customize colors to suit your preferences
    • Can use the template continuously for many years (keep all your data organized in one file :))
  • Automated Calculations
    • Fully Automated Vacation Tracker Dashboard with monthly calendar view
    • Calculates Worked Days automatically
    • Automated Annual Employee attendance report


Version 2.5 includes several optimizations.

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