Replace Text in Many Files For Windows Full Version Free Download

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Replace Text in Many Files For Windows Full Version Free Download

Replace Text in Many Files For Windows Full Version Free Download

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You can also use advanced settings, which I’ve outlined further down. When all is set, click Find All if you need to double-check the hits or Replace in Files if you want Notepad++ to immediately apply the changes. Depending on the number of files Notepad++ is searching, this can take a few seconds.

If you went with Find All, you’ll get a list of hits. Remove all the files you don’t want to edit by selecting them and pressing DEL, then right-click the remaining files and choose Open all.

Now go to Search > Replace or press CTRL+H, which will launch the Replace menu. Here you’ll find an option to Replace All in All Opened Documents.

Again, you can make several advanced settings, as explained below.

Advanced Search and Replace Settings in Notepad++
Under Find in Files, you can add Filters to search only in certain file types. For example, add *.doc to search only in DOC files. Likewise, you can search for files with a certain name, regardless of file type. Add *.* to search any file name and type.

When you choose a directory with sub-folders, check In all sub-folders and In hidden folders to search those, too. You might also want to check Match whole word only, so you don’t accidentally edit a partial match.

The Search Mode in both the Find in Files and Replace menus allows you to make advanced searches and replacements. Select Extended if you are using extensions, for example to replace a character with a new line (\n). Select Regular expression if you’re using operators to find and replace all matching words or phrases. You can stick with Normal if you’re just replacing text with text.

Replace Text [No Longer Available]
With Replace Text, you can set up a Replace Group to add multiple files and/or directories and multiple replacements.

To start, create a new group. Go to Replace > Add Group, and give your group a name.

Right-click your group and select Add File(s)… to add the files and/or folders you want to edit. In the Files / Folder Properties, select your Source Type, i.e., a single file or folder, then choose the Source File / Folder Path. If you choose to add a folder, you can also include and exclude file types by adding them to the Include File Filter or Exclude File Filter rows. Click OK when you’re done.

To add multiple files or folders, repeat the above step.

Replace Text’s best feature is that you can choose a destination that’s different from the original location. In the File / Folder Properties, switch to the Destination tab and choose your desired Destination File / Folder Path.

Now that you’ve set up your group, it’s time to define your replacements. Select your group and go to Replace > Search/Replace Grid > Advanced Edit… Now you can add the Search Text and Replace Text. Be sure to look in the drop-down menu at the bottom to customize the search and replace options.

Like with Notepad++, you can use advanced search strings and operators. Unlike Notepad++, you can add as many search and replace instances as you like and Replace Text will run through all of them when you run the process.

To make the replacements, go to Replace > Start Replacing or press CTRL+R.

About the Tools
What Is Notepad++?
Notepad++ is a free source code editor and Windows Notepad alternative. It’s released under a GNU General Public License, making it an open-source tool.

Furthermore, Notepad++ is a lightweight application that conserves resources, which makes it good for the environment:

By optimizing as many routines as possible without losing user friendliness, Notepad++ is trying to reduce the world carbon dioxide emissions. When using less CPU power, the PC can throttle down and reduce power consumption, resulting in a greener environment.

Here’s a small selection of Notepad++ features that make this the perfect tool for writing and editing (code):

Numbered lines for easier navigation.
Automatic and customizable highlighting and folding of coding syntax.
Support for Perl Compatible Regular Expression (PCRE) search-and-replace.
Auto-completion that includes word completion, function completion, and function parameters hint.
A tabbed interface that lets you work with multiple documents in parallel.
Editing of multiple lines at once, using either CTRL+mouse-selection or column editing.
What Is Replace Text?
Replace Text is a whole lot simpler than Notepad++. It does one job: replacing text. Ecobyte, the company behind Replace Text, is mindful of its impact. Hence, the software with a cause comes with an unusual EULA:

Unfortunately, Replace Text is no longer supported and no help file is available in Windows 10. I have covered it anyhow because it offers more advanced features than Notepad++ for this particular application.

Search and Replace Made Easy
One of the two utilities above should do the job for you. If you only have a simple search-and-replace job or if the additional features of Notepad++ sound useful, you should give it a try. If you need to edit not only multiple files, but also need to make multiple different replacements, it’s worth looking into Replace Text.

Which one did you choose and did it work as prescribed? Have you found other tools that can search-and-replace text? Let us know in the comments below!

Sometimes we need to find and replace text in more than one file. The problem begins when we try to do so after opening each file. Certainly, you need only a couple of seconds to find and replace text in two or three files. However, just imagine that you have fifty files and you need to find and replace three words in each file. How do you handle that? Don’t panic. Here is a simple free tool for Windows and this is called Find and Replace Tool. This portable software can find and replace text in multiple files within moments.

Find and Replace Text in Multiple Files

First, download Find and Replace Tool and open it. As this is portable software, you will not have to install it. After opening Find and Replace Tool, the following screen will appear,

Find and Replace Text in Multiple Files

The UI is uncluttered. Therefore, you will understand each and every option very quickly. However, just follow the following steps to find and replace text in multiple files using this free tool.

First, you need to select the Directory, where all the raw files are positioned. It will replace text in those files, which are placed in one folder.

Therefore, to select the directory, just click on the box next to the empty box and choose a directory. After that, write down the particular file extension.

By default, it shows *.*. This means that it will replace text in all files. However, suppose, you want to find and replace text in all .css files. To do so, just enter *.css

Add Words to Replace

Now, you have two options. First, you can hit the Replace button to replace that text immediately. Second, you can get a command that you need to use through Command Prompt to get the same thing. You will get a command in the Command Use box, and the command looks like this:

Just copy the command and paste it in your Command Prompt. After executing the command, you will get a message similar

Best Software to Find and Replace Text from Multiple Files
Searching for text between files on your computer can be done with the simple Windows search function. In fact, from any folder, when you press on the word search, you can write the word to search in the text files and documents in the “content text” field.
There are more effective programs to search for words on all documents and text files that are on the PC or in a specific folder. More effective means that it searches for words even in files not considered by the Search on the Windows computer.
If you are looking for a software that not only finds text in multiple files, but also performs text replacement in a massive and automatic way, below you will find the best solution for you.
Best Software to Find and Replace Text from Multiple Files
Batch Text Find and Replace is a small program, 100% free, designed to search and replace text and words (or entire sentences) from all the files in a given folder. In addition to analyzing the files present in a folder, it is also possible to perform the massive replacement of the text even from the subfolders of that directory. In short, it is a really powerful tool that could save you a lot of hours of work!

How To Download

You can download the program from THIS LINK (for Windows 11/10/8/7)
After the download, you will see the following icon on your PC

Click to open the program (being a “portable” version, no installation will be done). Click and start the program directly. Here is the main interface.

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