Password Agent Lite

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Password Agent Lite

Password Agent Lite

اسم المستخدم وكلمة المرور

Username: eoiiqpaf
Password: U8ZF8W5CLCIRII
Username: ztejgbth
Password: 0S207YQYNJM8P5
Username: xogocops
Username: caocksyw
Password: 98FHD2R19SWCYC
Username: npqxpvmz
Password: 7MGOZ2F73JY71Y

اسم المستخدم وكلمة المرور 2023

Username: xkzexbrd
Password: ERONLCB3Q87U4V
Username: atmbbdwr
Password: 9GVBJBH6N1XXLJ
Username: stfnaqxo
Password: 3OQVCTVI65F0FF
Username: mwasohyh
Password: 04F21P9LDX48K7
Username: tatzalga
Password: 22BSKIRVWP3W75

مولد اسم المستخدم وكلمة المرور 2023

Username: wmybzrbc
Password: Y0O4RSE83XKXIX
Username: hkejxcfp
Password: IX8B1MUOYALCI2
Username: cqtiglex
Password: YD5VISV2RVIHK1
Username: cebtgvmz
Username: tgfphdjx
Password: 6YR94C1B96NTGO

إنشاء اسم مستخدم وكلمة مرور

Username: jedsfazt
Password: KIW2R75KCA7UJN
Username: dkdfglrw
Password: AKLZ46R0K8B5M1
Username: odjqiqku
Password: DTQ2QAY0L00JKW
Username: blddyhyc
Password: 4JML602HCYOKNN
Username: mwgnbagg
Password: GLK3TXMYD5G0NA

اسم مستخدم وكلمة مرور جديدين

Username: rkfzyuue
Password: 5ERKQZHO6QG880
Username: dtyywdhn
Password: LHLSWCIOUEA237
Username: dpqdxvah
Password: PE0E361H2ZMAJT
Username: piydvbjx
Password: NQBX1Y9GP2ZYFF
Username: gfftoxby
Password: F6QMYB3UDMPC1T

اسم المستخدم وكلمة المرور يناير 2023

Username: xaamrhnx
Password: I46BTLIV3O76AU
Username: uhnueyes
Password: WFVKWV7XIUJE41
Username: gcbyzchd
Password: MGEOAW3Q6WZQ83
Username: hvalzwft
Password: V9LICHJT3HNLU7
Username: eaidqlei
Password: AXH568RIJIWWL5

اسم المستخدم وكلمة المرور مجانا 2023

Username: bqrtfmij
Username: kkiogose
Username: fokojrak
Password: AWOQT3ID93E2ZX
Username: gfmysdji
Password: Q0R7I83VHQQMU9
Username: qxrzcand
Password: G1QM9JMN9UB6AD

اسم المستخدم وكلمة المرور 2022

Username: opoubksd
Username: dxxiezqy
Password: BCKJLU5GSX4FT4
Username: eraqttrk
Username: avdaumjc
Password: 20DGZ9P8J10SG4
Username: knobccwb
Password: T1T2073YVX36SS

اسم المستخدم وكلمة المرور لمفتاح الترخيص

Username: nxomopea
Password: T6N83U0DTED1JC
Username: ipkwymza
Password: RLQDGGG5VR9A23
Username: tfzjvogo
Password: RAK4GXZOHZN839
Username: rqtrajzy
Username: yitsdjaa
Password: ONS13E2NCC08JM

Key Details of Password Agent Lite

  • Store all your passwords in a single database
  • Last updated on 11/17/20
  • There has been 1 update within the past 6 months
  • The current version has 0 flags on VirusTotal
Password Agent is a secure and easy to use password manager that allows you to store all your passwords and data snippets in a single, easy to navigate local data file. It is browser independent, supports most common web browsers without installing any browser plug-ins or extensions. Password Agent can semi-automatically log you to web sites just by pressing a global hotkey in web browser, so you can stop using unsecure password managers built into web browsers. Password Agent was designed with security in mind from ground up. While most password managers focus mainly on encrypting your data on disk, Password Agent also uses secure plain text handling for all in-memory operations. Data is always kept in memory fully encrypted. In normal viewing and browsing mode there is no moment in time where all text fields of an item are decrypted into plain text at the same time. Password Agent is a self contained program, no special installation or external framework dependencies are needed. That also means you can just run it off removable drive, like USB flash drive, making is very portable. Password Agent stores all your sensitive data locally, in your computer, not in the internet “cloud”, which is actually someone else’s computer. With Password Agent you are master of your secrets, not someone else. And no monthly or yearly subscription fees!
Full Specifications


  • Security update: When sensitive data is copied to clipboard it is now excluded from Windows clipboard history. Background: In Windows 10 there is clipboard history enabled by default. That means everything you copy to clipboard is logged by Windows. You can access history by pressing Win + V on keyboard. Please note that clipboard is not a safe place to put your sensitive data as other programs can freely monitor it. Always try to use autofill whenever possible, instead of copy & paste.Improved autofill matching: When multiple items match web site link then PA prompts to select item to autofill from. Now if you send password separately after sending user ID, the prompt is not displayed and PA sends password of the item you selected to send user ID from.
  • Added detection of new Chromium based Miscrosoft Edge browser. When autofilling to new Edge, PA will now detect if Edge has automatic sign-in enabled and will suggest to turn it off to prevent invalid user ID/password being entered.
  • Improved item icons.
  • Improved text search by toolbar search box: now if you type multiple words in search box, items matching all these words will be displayed (AND search), not only item matching exact typed phrase. So searching for “id card” will also match “ID-card”, not only exact “ID card”.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+PageUp/PageDown to navigate to previous/next file tab. In addition you can switch to certain file by Ctrl+F1/F9.
  • Security change: Default length of generated passwords is now 16 instead of 20 symbols, but by default other non-character symbols are also included. This will take effect only when you have not saved your own default settings for new passwords. You can change these settings in Password Generator window to your liking.
  • Added “Open destination folder” button to TakeWithMe window, results page.
  • Removed “Print as graphics” options as it was not much more secure than ordinary printing. Windows stores print jobs in plain text spool files and contents of these files is easily viewable using special utilities.
  • Improved message boxes: revised messages and message boxes are now positioned at center of the parent form, not center of the screen.

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