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Developer’s Description

By Escape Motions

Inspirit is a relaxing painting app for creative souls that lets you create mesmerizing mandalas and kaleidoscope artworks and watch them slowly evolve in time. The application beautifully combines art, spiritual and relaxing elements. It is an endlessly regenerating well that allows to unwind in the most artistic way. Inspirit is designed for creative young and old souls. Simply paint, meditate and feel the moment of simple presence.

Key Features: Paint beautiful animated swirling patterns and kaleidoscope artworks. Switch between mandala and kaleidoscope visual modes. Choose between various brush types. Create your custom presets using adjustable parameters on 5 predefined brushes. Huge expression variability. Create eye-pleasing gradients and color variations. Add captivating glow effects. Export images in PNG format in up to 4K quality. Save project and have your art organized in Inspirit Gallery. Use Inspirit for both commercial and non-commercial activities. Ready for projection mapping



Version 1.0.7

Changes & Fixes– fixed crashing on some Windows versions
– fixed licensing problem on Mac OS
– minimum OpenGL version for Windows is 3.0
– minimum OpenGL version for Mac OS is 3.2
– new intro tutorial
– fixed symmetries rendering
– more minor changes

Features– 4 Kaleidoscope modes
– User gradients
– Glow effect
– 5 Brushes
– Brush Editor
– Various image sizes
– High resolutions up to 4K
– Export image
– Save Project
– User Image Gallery

Your favorite iOS app for creating mesmerizing mandala and kaleidoscope artworks is released for desktop! Complete with new symmetry mode, custom brushes and high-quality 4K image export, Inspirit now gives you even more possibilities to dive into its vivid colorful patterns on both Windows and macOS.

Inspirit is delightfully easy to use relaxing painting app for creative souls of all ages. The application beautifully combines art, spiritual and relaxing elements and allows everyone to unwind in the most artistic way. Watch the video below to witness the beauty of Inspirit with your own eyes:

The younger brother of Inspirit – Inspirit for iOS – was released back in September and has immediately gained the exposure among artists and mandala lovers. One question was asked many times after the release: “Will there ever be a version for desktop?”. There were so many requests to bring Inspirit to life on a computer, we knew we had to address them. And today it is becoming a reality: from now on, Inspirit is fully compatible with Windows and macOS operating systems. And that’s not all – we’ve also added many new features to make your experience with this Inspirit version as pleasant as possible.

Inspirit for Windows and macOS lets you:

– Paint beautiful animated swirling patterns and kaleidoscope artworks with mouse or tablet pen in various image sizes
– Play with 4 kaleidoscope modes
– Choose between various brush types
– Create your custom brushes via Brush Editor using 5 predefined brushes
– Export as a PNG image in high resolution up to 4K
– Create eye-pleasing gradients and color variations
– Add captivating glow effects
– Save project automatically to User Image Gallery
– Switch between Fullscreen & Window mode

Key Features
  • Create Mandala and Kaleidoscope Art
  • Large Expression Variability
  • Large Brush Selection
  • Create Gradients and Color Variations
  • Add Glow Effects
  • Rotate and Zoom with Multitouch
  • Share Your Art Using Social Media
  • Windows Compatible

Escape Motions Inspirit Overview

Designed for creative individuals, this software download of Inspirit from Escape Motions lets you create beautiful, mesmerizing mandalas and kaleidoscope artworks, then watch as they slowly evolve in time. Inspirit combines art, spiritual, and relaxing elements, allowing users to unwind in an artistic way. To further enhance your art, you’ll be able to choose from various brush types or create your own, create gradients and color variations, add glow effects, rotate and zoom with multitouch, share your art on social networks, and more. This version of Inspirit is compatible with Windows 10, 8, and 7.

Inspirit is a VR/XR learning platform for all things STEM. Biology, Chemistry and Physics – Learn by interacting with what you’re learning!

Create a room and use our custom models to create environments that you can invite friends or students too.

Attend live sessions and interact with the host via chat, emoji’s or voice!

Retain more knowledge while engaging with our Biology related content. Our team of Stanford and Georgia Tech researchers created this app around the idea of higher levels of learning by engaging with content.

Many more features to come, thanks for stopping by!

Although initially, it represented a spiritual universe symbol in Buddhism and Hinduism, a mandala has now become a more generic denomination for patterns that represent the cosmos. Regardless, the thing is they are truly mesmerizing to watch, and that is what the Inspirit application takes into account, enabling you to generate hypnotizing shapes.

Create mandala and kaleidoscope artwork with your mouse

Inspirit can generate impressive mandala shapes and kaleidoscope art, providing you with a painting tool that is both easy to use and modern-looking.

Once you start Inspirit, you will find yourself within the gallery, where you have to create a new project or open an existing one. The drawing board is, in fact, a continuously playing video that resembles consecutive turns of a kaleidoscope, creating impressive shapes that are truly a form of art. The more you keep your mouse cursor clicked and move around the room, the more lines and shapes you create.

Customize brushes, colors, and glow

The toolbox in the top of the window enables you to turn gradient effects on and off, change the background color and modify the color range of the shapes. The glow level can be easily adjusted using the dedicated slider.

There are multiple brushes you can try out, each with its own particularities. Moreover, there is a brush editor that can assist you in creating a custom brush with specific parameters, enabling you to change the brush size and opacity, as well as the number of lines and the distance between them.

Generate captivating shapes with eye-pleasing colors

Creating those dazzling mandalas with Inspirit is not just inspiring, but also relaxing. With a smart color combination and a brush that draws the way you want it to, Inspirit can become a starting point for creating beautiful shapes with symmetric trails.


Inspirit 1.1.5 is free to download from our software library. The latest installer that can be downloaded is 36.8 MB in size. Our antivirus scan shows that this download is malware free. Inspirit.exe is the frequent file name to indicate the Inspirit installer. Inspirit lies within Photo & Graphics Tools, more precisely Viewers & Editors. This program is an intellectual property of Escape Motions, s.r.o. The most popular version of the software 1.1.

From the developer:

Inspirit is a painting app that lets you create mandalas and kaleidoscope artworks and watch them slowly evolve in time. It comes with a variety of brush types for drawing your design; you can also create your own brushes. After drawing, you can add gradients & color variations, glow effects, rotate & zoom, and other effects.

You may want to check out more software, such as Simple Slide ShowPhoto Cleaner or Batch JPEG Rotator, which might be related to Inspirit.

Inspirit is a relaxing, easy to use painting app for creative souls of all ages. Create mesmerizing mandala and kaleidoscope artworks and watch them slowly evolve in time. Inspirit – the art of mandala is a Entertainment app by Escape Motions, s.r.o. It has an average of  5 stars on the appstore and has been rated by over 117 people  over it’s lifetime. The latest version of the app is version 1.0.5 and it was updated on the android store about 4 years ago.

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