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Developer’s Description

Play your all. time favourite puzzle game in a new dimension. HexaMine boosts the game-play of the classic mine sweeper game replacing the square cells by asymmetric hexagons. By using hexagonal cells the game board is more coherent and built for solid game. play. After a couple of runs, you won’t believe how easy it is to get used to the hexagonal cells and how hard it is to go back to classic original. HexaMine features: Classic or pen. only input; now it’s up to you. Eight addictive levels of play; up to 64 mines for the HEXperts. Hot start; to avoid those nasty mines on the first moveFlag marks; to denote cells where you are sure mines are hidingQuestion marks; to remind you where the doubtful cells are locatedbest times table; to keep track of your best games ever. Life slot; up to three chances to solve a boardand above all, pure unadulterated addictive game-play

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    • C NMR evidence is presented confirming that the main decomposition (and recomposition) mechanism of hexamine is not directly due to formaldehyde but rather proceeds through now-identified intermediates, i.e. mainly through the formation of reactive imines rather than methylene bases, possibly also forming a very slight amount of iminomethylene bases. This also confirms that any species with strong real or nominal negative charge under alkaline conditions, be it a tannin, resorcinol or other highly reactive phenols, be it melamine or another highly reactive amine or amide, or an organic or inorganic anion, it is capable of reacting with the intermediate species formed by decomposition (or recomposition) of hexamine far more readily than formaldehyde explaining the capability of wood adhesives formulations based on hexamine to give bonded panels of extremely low formaldehyde emission. If no highly reactive species with strong real or nominal negative charge is present, then decomposition of hexamine proceeds rapidly to formaldehyde formation as reported in previous literature. The elucidation of the hexamine decomposition mechanism, which is presented, and a scanning electron microscopy (SEM) investigation also allowed to advance a reason for the without-curing-formation of ambient temperature stiff gels in tannin/hexamine glue mixes and to propose chemical structures for the ionic coordination linear polymers formed.


      When hexamethylenetetramine is nitrolyzed with nitric acid and an anhydride in absence of ammonium nitrate the synthesis of cyclic nitramines is decreased and the yields of esterified linear tetramethylenetrinitramines are increased. The two remaining carbon atoms and one nitrogen atom in hexamine can be accounted as esterified dimethylolnitramide. The isolation of a trace of linear pentamethylenetetranitramine from a normal nitrolysis of hexamethylenetetramine shows that in all of these reactions a common intermediate, dimethylolaminomethyldinitrotriazacyclohexane, must be present. This has never been isolated, but its reactions can be deduced from the behavior of methylene-bis-3,5-dinitro-1,3,5-triazacyclohexane.

      This paper is only available as a PDF. To read, Please Download here.
      The activity of an antispasmodic of the atropine type appears to be related to the rigidity of the nitrogen-containing moiety. Hexamine contains a very rigid ring system, and it would seem that hexamine would furnish a promising starting point in the synthesis of a good antispasmodic. Some hexamine derivatives were synthesized by reacting the appropriate halomethyl amide or ketone with an excess of hexamine in refluxing chloroform. Preliminary pharmacological evaluation indicates that one of the hexamine derivatives possesses good antispasmodic activity.



      The crystal growth, dielectric properties, optical properties, and electrooptic effect of the cubic molecular crystal, hexamine, were examined. The fact that the dielectric constant is not a function of frequency at least to 22 Gc/sec and temperature between 77°K and 300°K has been interpreted in terms of a “squashing” vibration of the tetrahedron which forms part of the molecule. A model for an electrooptic effect in molecular crystals in terms of the effect of electric fields on molecular absorptions (Stark effect) was utilized. An expression for the electrooptic coefficient was derived which yielded excellent agreement between the theoretical value of 13.2 × 10−10 cm/V and the best experimental value of 4.18 × 10−10 cm/V for hexamine. A comparison of hexamine to various known electrooptic materials such as KDP, ADP, CuCl, ZnS, GaAs was made, and it was concluded that this material does possess certain advantageous properties.


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